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Welcome to my world!

I'm honored to be mentioned in an awesome blog by Cynthia Bleskachek, Owner of The Funky Little Chair in St. Paul, MN.

Click HERE to check it out . . . . or go to

I'm Theresa Darby, Owner 0f Happy Campers of the South! I make custom cushion covers, pillow covers, bedding, and curtains for vintage camper trailers. Let's glamp it up . . . together! I also love doing unique furniture redesigns . . . for your camper trailer and for your home.

I learned how to sew as a child. I couldn’t help but learn as I watched my mother sew clothing for all four of us children. My grandmother bought me my first sewing machine of my own – a Bernina – which I still sew with daily.

What got me started with my camper-decorating obsession? Well, it started with a very ugly 1995 Coleman Pop-Up camper that I purchased in 2003. The first thing I did after cleaning it inside and out was to redecorate it. I re-covered all the cushions, and made all new curtains. I had a blast! It didn’t take long before friends were asking me to re-decorate their camper trailers.

So . . . now you know how this obsession of mine got started. Here’s what fueled the fire: Around 2006, a neighbor GAVE me a 1960’s Shasta Starflyte (I believe it’s a 1969). My love affair with vintage camper trailers began!

Here’s what she looked like: She is my current project. Well, the sky's the limit!

UPDATE - 05/25/2016: She's turning orange!

I love to make a difference . . . change something from ugly to pretty . . . give things a second chance.. Let’s glamp up your camper!!!!!!! Surround yourself with the things you love . . . make it your happy place . . 

We’ll have lots of fun working together to create a décor for your trailer that reflects you, your likes or interests! Your color scheme! Your style! It will be truly yours when we are finished!

You will be beaming with pride (as I will also be!) and eager to show it off.



Lowrys, SC (Chester County)


My awesome husband, Ed

My Children and I

 1969 Shasta Starflyte

Our newer camper

Our 1950 Ford Tractor

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